Wings Over Scotland have produced a Wee Black Book and it’s brilliant

During the Scottish Independence referendum, Wings Over Scotland produced the Wee Blue Book, a handy guide to some of the arguments for independence which helped change many a person’s mind in the course of the campaign. Of course as we’re constantly reminded by the British establishment, Scotland voted no which is fine. That’s the democratic decision of the people.

However today, the 24th March 2016 is the proposed day of independence, and the media is swamped by articles explaining how Scotland had a ‘near miss’ and is safe in the arms of a Union that really takes care of people, honest. Scotland made the right choice to let the likes of George Osborne decide what to do, and the influence of Nigel Farage and his beige fascists are as benign as the tumour in my neck.

Today Wings Over Scotland released the Wee Black Book, a handy guide to the last 18 months or so of failed promises, shattered lies and bullshit that the people of Scotland have had to deal with. With elections in Scotland for Holyrood less than two months away it’s a handy way to remind the likes of Labour, Tories and Lib Dems that in fact their fight to save Scotland from it’s own self-determination has resulted in the most brutal, savage government in my memory (and it’s got plenty of competition) to ravage the people of Scotland and indeed, the UK for the wealthy arseholes they do business for.

So remember the gloating, schadenfreude and mockery today. There’s elections soon and then the next few months could bring enormous change after the EU Referendum which so far, is dominated by fact-free bumbling cretins like Boris Johnson or racists like Nigel Farage.

And then realise that there’s a new generation coming that aren’t inhibited by a fondness for the Union, and they’re not going to believe the lies of Unionists desperate to save their own necks.


One morning at some point in my lifetime (and I fully intent to be around to see this) they’ll be an independent Scotland, They’ll be a hard future ahead but it’ll be free of the psychopathic Tories, and the supine Scottish Labour Party. Then it might actually move forward and provide an example for the remaining countries of the UK to finally kick back against the agenda that’s wrecked so much, and so many people’s lives over the last 37 years.


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