The strange case of infeasibly large breasts on comic covers

Due to recent circumstances the majority of my weekly comic reviews are going to be ditched, or moved to That’s Not Current, the site I also write for, but I’ll still keep the odd thing here like my Crossed, Miracleman and Providence reviews which I know from looking at my stats a lot of people read, and hopefully enjoy.This blog I’m going to keep for all the fun cancer and stroke stuff, plus the odd rant like this.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading comics or scouring the weekly lists on Comixology and as for this week there’s nothing especially interesting out, but one thing caught my eye.

This cover for a comic called Tarot.:


Apart from being poorly drawn and tiresomely derivative  (seriously, there’s tens of thousands of covers like this that have been printed over the years) how on earth does that poor lassie go through life without serious backache?

I mean look at her; she’s got two watermelons attached to her chest (with optional blood dripping off her nipple) and from what the odd ex-girlfriend or friend who has large breasts have said, it’s a chore at times having essentially two large bags of sugar growing out of you.

It’s obviously sexualised for people with a certain peccadillo, and I’m not adverse to the odd bit of cheesecake myself, but the fact that this sort of thing is still being published is depressing. Now I’m not doing a Guardian columnist thing here and saying they should be banned, but if you’re buying this to have a cheeky wank in the year 2016 and you’re above the age of 14 then for fucks sake guys have a wee word with yourselves!

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