Ronnie Corbett has passed on..

2016 has been a prick since almost the day it started with celebrity deaths coming out thick and fast from the moment the bells stopped ringing it seems.The latest victim of 2016’s killing spree is Ronnie Corbett, one half with the late Ronnie Barker of The Two Ronnies.

I more or less grew out of The Two Ronnies once puberty kicked in, and frankly, their seaside/music hall humour was tired by the early 80’s, and a new generation of comedians savaged it (BTW, isn’t the fact this sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore really odd?) with this classic sketch from Not the Nine O’Clock News being something that apparently pissed off Barker especially.

But Corbett stuck to his guns, and he was a genuinely funny man even though as the song above points out, he spent the majority of his career living in Ronnie Barker’s shadow. He only seemed to appear to star on golfing programmes.

However Corbett enjoyed a resurgence somewhat in the late 90’s, with a regular slot in one of Ben Elton’s programmes, before being accepted again by some in the generation that had poked him a decade and a half earlier. He’s one of these figures you’ve always accepted he’ll always be around as a staple on chatshows or the like talking about golf or telling a wee story.

He’s gone now, and he’s left loads of nice wee monologues which in some cases are amazing bits of comedy that stand up today. This one is one of my favourites, and remember, as a Scot he was allowed to do a comedy Scottish accent…

Bye Ronnie, I’d like to think you’re the last good guys dying this year but I fear you won’t be.

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