Slow train to dawn: More fun with cancer

The tests in regards my cancer are finally, for now, over.  I sit at the end of a very long tunnel in the middle of the night waiting to see what happens next, but in happier news I’m currently radioactive, not to mention having necked a load of herbal happy pills to help with my MRI claustrophobia (funny what you discover you have) I’m as happy as someone that’s necked a load of hash cakes ten minutes after turning up at Glastonbury.

First the radioactivity. They pumped me full of gadolinium today, which is slightly radioactive, but sadly no superpowers so sadly I’m not likely to turn into Spider-Man or Firestorm.



Anyhow, the gadolinium is to highlight my organs during an MRI. In my case highlight the bits of my neck that have been infected by my tumour Jeremy. At the moment my doctors think the caner is localised in the left side of my neck, and hasn’t spread further than that, though this is also to see if it’s attached to my thyroid gland and if it is, then that has to come out too.

I have asked if I can keep the bits they cut out so I can create my own Etsy shop selling bits of me but all they did at the hospital was take me to the psychiatric unit. Ah well….

So the only thing to report now is that there’s nothing to report. My glorious doctors in the NHS here in Bristol are looking through all the blood, tissue and MRI, and CAT scans I’ve had over the last fortnight since first being diagnosed with cancer. No point worrying about the unknown, hence why I’m sitting back and letting the NHS do their job and work out what the next steps are.

Anyhow, I’ve got enough to worry about with the recovery from the stroke but tomorrow I start my proper new work-up regime which is good as the muscle wastage on my right side is noticeable to me, so the only way to reverse that is to work that body!

I imagine though the slow train to whatever is going to be my fate fate kicks off for real. I’m hoping there’s not going to be any problems and I’m not going to be knocked off track by my body doing the equivalent of throwing the wrong type of leaf on the line



I’ve had a call from the ENT Hospital in Bristol to get me in on Tuesday. Anyone saying the NHS is useless, slow or is as an organisation failing people need to have the experience I’m having. From having my scan to being booked in was around three hours. Hopefully this sense of urgency means good things….

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