Benedict Cumberbatch goes shopping for comics in his Doctor Strange costume

Marvel/Disney’s Doctor Strange film isn’t due til November but there’s a lot of buzz at the moment as they’ve been filming in New York last week which means lots of mobiles filming shooting and lots of pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in full costume.


It’s a nice look which updates Steve Ditko’s original look.


Now this isn’t much of a big deal but what I find lovely is that during a break in filming Cumberbatch walked into Jim Hanley’s Universe, a long standing New York comic shop. What I do like from most of the actors of the Marvel films is they give the fans more than a passing bone to play with, but this is a bit above and beyond the call of duty.

Here’s also a video of Cumberbatch in the shop.

See, a nice story in the news for a change….

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