What I thought of Providence #8

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The latest issue of Providence finally arrives two months after the previous issue and to be frank, it’s getting a wee bit annoying but as long as it’s helping maintain the quality it’s not too much of an issue.

Anyhow, this issue starts up with Robert Black being told the tale of what we’d now call a UFO sighting.


Black’s speaking with Randolph Carver (an analogue of another one of Lovecraft’s characters) who is a writer struggling to get published, much like Lovecraft was, and we also get our first real mention of Lovecraft by Moore in the comic.


Much of this issue is taken up with Carver telling Black a bit about himself, his upbringing, the Stella Sapinete and the occult. Mainly though they talk of dreams and imagination, something Moore’s had as a theme running through Providence from the start. Together Black and Carver enter the dream world which brings some more disturbing sights for Black.


The pair go on an adventure through Carver’s dream world which looks like the real depths Black descended to in the previous  issue. After this diversion, the pair go to their meeting to hear the writer Baron Dunsany speak At the talk, the pair see that Lovecraft is there, and afterwards Black and Lovecraft arrange to meet in Rhode Island.


With Lovecraft’s entrance it feels as if Moore is ready for the final stretch of this excellent series. This is very much a talkative issue (as there all, but this one more so) but the ideas and words being discussed are important here as this is very much the core of the concepts Moore’s spent eight issues setting up.

I still feel Black’s destined for a terrible, horrible fate and although in the comic pages he’s a decent enough man, he comes over as arrogant, snobbish and weak in the text pieces. Is Moore going to totally strip the veneer away in the final four issues and dish out something awful?

We’ll see in probably another two or three months at this rate…..

5 thoughts on “What I thought of Providence #8

  1. I read somewhere that the series was originally supposed to be bimonthly but Avatar pushed it up (because money) which is what has led to the later issues being much slower. A shame they didn’t let the art team get deeper in before releasing it but that’s the small press for you.


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