The EU referendum campaign starts today

Today sees the official start of the EU referendum campaign even though it’s been spluttering on for a few months now. For UKIP and the hard/far right of the Tory Party this is what they’ve dreamed of for years, decades even, yet the fact is there’s not a single sensible informed vision of a post EU United Kingdom (or whatever is going to be left of it as both Scotland and Northern Ireland may head down different routes) to be had.

Instead we’re told to trust the likes of Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson.  So in the next couple of months remember, we can stay and deal with the many flaws of the EU while still enjoying the benefits from it, or go into I’m not quite sure what exactly. So remember the main reasons to remain..


If you trust this lot then vote to leave. Just don’t complain when you lose your right to holidays or you can’t get a visa to go to Spain….


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