Counting them all out-The ongoing saga of my stroke/cancer

A few days ago I detailed the latest update on my ongoing situation of my stroke recovery and in particular my cancer/mass, not to mention why I’ve been left with no choice to return to work against the advice of my doctors.

Well, things have moved on a bit. I’ve had to cancel my stroke clinic on Tuesday as they’ve double booked me into the ENT hospital on the same day and time, something the woman I spoke to this morning said shouldn’t happen. This means I’ve had to cancel the stroke clinic (which would have given me the update on my recovery) for the more important ENT appointment so I’m not actually stacking up appointments and in the middle of all this I’ve got to go back to work.

Of course, this is not making me annoyed, angry and frustrated at a time when I don’t need to be annoyed, angry and frustrated. In slightly better news, I’ve explained the situation to my bank and they’re offering me as much support as they can. That’s right, my bank is more human than my employer. Tomorrow I prove the sky is green.

Tuesday’s appointment is to explain in detail what the next steps are (I already know about the Pet Scan on Wednesday) and the prospects of surgery. I will demand a really cool looking scar if they do operate.

I’ve also changed one of my meds and am now not suffering from a dry cough as one of the side effects, but am now a bit spaced and feel like this a bit.

So, this week is going to be an interesting week…..

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