A day at the races-the ongoing saga of my stroke/cancer

I had a day out in Cheltenham today, not to see the sights of an amazingly posh town, or even go to the races. Nope, today was my Pet Scan which meant spending 30 minutes in a machine like this…


Seeing I ended up having a full body scan. I’ve found out a wee bit more as to what they’re doing. The full scan was to check my organs, the mass in my neck and my lymphatic system. There’s also potentially a problem with my thyroid gland, as it’s ‘unusually small’ and the mass seems to be coming out of it in previous MRI scans. It may be that the thyroid needs to come out which isn’t ideal and not without some considerable risks in itself. Though the other option flying around is still cancer and that’s got even more risks involved, so if I sound a bit more husky because they’ve taken part of or all my thyroid out then I’ll take that as a win!

My wee trip to Cheltenham didn’t see me seeing the sights. Although I spent four hours there the majority of the day was spent in a scanner or having this view.

2016-04-20 13.48.37


I had to have a chemical tracer injected into me and while it took two hours to get around my system I had to stay relaxed in a bed that wasn’t relaxing looking at the same glorious spring day out the window.

2016-04-20 13.58.52

But that’s it. Scans and biopsy’s done. It’s now a waiting game as the results of the scan should be with my doctor but the tissue samples will take as long as they take. I did have a wee epiphany on the train home to Bristol as I looked round the carriage at all the people coming back from business meetings or work in their best suits and buried in their laptops, mobiles and generally living their life in the most empty way possible.

After all, some of the countryside around Cheltenham really is England’s green and pleasant land. It’s stunningly beautiful yet here’s people crushed by the drudgery of daily life losing themselves watching last night’s Eastenders missing the sheer drama of nature unfolding outside the window. Assuming I come out of this as well as possible the one thing I’m doing as soon as I can is find something that’s useful to do or is something I want to do. I don’t want to spend my days after surviving this staring at my mobile screen while the world turns outside. Life really is too short. Hearing the news about poor Victoria Wood dying at a relatively young age on the train back only cements my view.

It’s now a waiting game. The scan results will be with my doctor but the tissue samples will take as long as they take. At least now it feels things are moving forward to some sort of resolution.

And on that note, I’m going to eat the first solid food I’ve had in 24 hours, watch this week’s episode of The Flash, and get an early night.

2 thoughts on “A day at the races-the ongoing saga of my stroke/cancer

  1. That view’s a shocker! Chances are whoever owns this building either has wee chunk of dosh in their budget for buying/making art or can apply for funding for it – what do you reckon would work better, decorating the wall outside or the window glass itself?


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