Mrs. Windsor is 90 today

It’s the Queen’s birthday today, or as she’d be known in an actual democracy, Mrs. Windsor as Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood called her in the Welsh Assembly.

Today’s supposed to be a grand celebration of ‘being British’ yet, I’ve no idea what that means. It’s supposed to be a celebration of ‘British values’ yet I’ve no idea what that means. It’s not a celebration of democracy as after all, we can’t vote to get rid of her or her family from their place in British politics.

Ah, but she’s not involved in politics you may say. Yet she clearly is be it the direct way she made an intervention during the Scottish Independence Referendum or the use of the ‘royal prerogative‘ and the powers she does hold. The Queen is actually a highly political figure even symbolically as democratically elected officials and Prime Ministers have to bend their knee to someone born into a job for life. It’s the year 2016 yet here we are today fawning over someone that’s worth hundreds of millions yet we, the public, don’t have full access to her earnings, or indeed, fully grasp how an unelected head of state manages to be one of the richest people in the UK.

Then there’s the cringe-worthy bullshit. If I have to see Nicholas Witchell lick one more royal arse today I’ll scream hard enough to induce another stroke. Oddly enough, I own a book by Nicholas Witchell about another old dinosaur.


Watching BBC News this morning was horrendous as women in their 90th year were interviewed about what they thought of the UK today and both thought there were ”too many foreigners” here, and that the country needed to go back to some age long, long gone.

And that’s what the Queen is. A reminder of an age long, long gone and the last reminder of a British Empire as the United Kingdom possibly enters it’s last decade or two before it changes forever. She’s a comfort blanket for those scared of us, the people of this state, making decisions and being fully informed of what our leaders do and say when they work for us. It’s an anachronism that in 2016 we have a head of state we can un-elect, can hold to account, question or know what we need to know as much is still shrouded in secrecy.

The UK can still have a monarchy, just one that’s not involved in democracy or one that has any sort of power or influence. It can pay it’s own way too. Works in other countries and there’s no reason it can’t work here.

So happy birthday Mrs. Windsor. Here’s a song for you…


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