What I thought of James Bond #6

Thoughts about #1#2#3#4 and #5.


I’ve made no secret that I’ve totally enjoyed this series so far. Warren Ellis has managed to do what I thought was unrealistic which was make an interesting Bond story undated for the 21st century while still keeping Bond the same character Ian Fleming created all those years ago.

As for this final issue in this story, Bond is off to Norway to board the ship Vargr, and find out just what’s been going on there. Before that there’s a trip to Q Branch..


Once in Norway, Bond does what he does best.


Much of this issue is a bit Metal Gear Solid as Bond stealthily creeps around the ship but Ellis and Masters never make it tedious or drawn out and Masters use of interesting page and panel payouts always make this a great book to look at.

Eventually Bond realises Vargr is a floating drugs lab where the villain Kurjak makes his drugs which are killing so many in the UK. Bond is eventually seen by Kurjak and a brutal fight breaks out where Bond is the emotionless killing machine of the books as opposed to the cinematic versions wisecracking killer.


There’s one page’s layouts which are amazing as if shows what happens when Bond fights his way down a corridor in the ship. I don’t think I’ve seen a fight scene in comics done like this before. Masters has done something like this in a previous issue but nothing like this on this scale.


There’s a satisfying ending, a funny one-liner when you least expect it and the promise of more Warren Ellis Bond next month with the start of a new story entitled Eidolon which sees Ellis using SPECTRE, hopefully better than the last Bond film did. If it’s as half as good as this story then it’ll be very good indeed….

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