Remakes of Prince songs and other rarities

As we all know now, Prince sadly died far too early but the man didn’t just produce a catalogue of songs for himself, but he let other people cover his work or would give them songs. Some of which are the sort of things lesser artists would keep for themselves.

The most famous is probably Sinead O’Connor’s version of Nothing Compares 2 U. which holds up perfectly quarter of a century after it’s first release.

Next up is The Bangles Manic Monday, a great wee pop song.

Kiss is one of Prince’s best known songs, and here’s the best cover of it. No, it’s not Tom Jones, it’s the Age of Chance.

Here’s a really odd one. It’s the Foo Fighters covering the gloriously filthy Darling Nikki.

And here’s a fabulous accurate cover of I Wanna Be Your Lover by Corinne Bailey Rae.

Here’s something fantastic. George Clinton and Parliament’s version of Erotic City.

Of course here’s Chaka Khan’s version of I Feel For You.

I’d forgotten about this real oddity, it’s Big Audio Dynamite’s cover of 1999 and it’s as brilliant as you’d expect.

Then there’s the proteges. Most were pretty forgettable but there’s three worth singling out for making music perhaps not written by Prince, but you can hear his hands all over it.

Sheila E was Prince’s percussionist on and off for years, and here’s the duet the pair did in the 80’s; A Love Bizarre.

Wendy and Lisa were an essential part of Prince’s band The Revolution for much of the 80’s before going off to do their own thing, and this track, Side Show, shows just how much influence they did have on Prince and vice versa.

Lastly is probably the Prince protege forgotten by many. Jill Jones had been part of Prince’s group for years before her album was released and it tanked, but there’s much on it which drips of Prince. Baby, You’re A Trip is one of the highlights of the album.

So that’s it. Prince is dead at 57 but there’s so, so much to rediscover. Few artists will ever leave the legacy he did for not just himself, but so many others.


2 thoughts on “Remakes of Prince songs and other rarities

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