Prince on YouTube

One of the things that was admirable about Prince was the way he protected his music so nobody could exploit it, but a side effect of that was that there was virtually nothing of his music on YouTube. Since his early death a few days ago this has changed as hundreds of people are frantically uploading videos and in some cases there’s not just real gems but there’s things I never knew existed.

These videos for Let’s Pretend We’re Married and Automatic are things I never, ever knew about. The latter manages to be a slutty bit of fun with Prince being whipped by Lisa and a semi-naked Jill Jones.

There’s also this great live version of Little Red Corvette from 1985.

The MTV Video Awards these days are tedious pap, but this performance of Gett Off from 1991 is glorious filth. Pity the audience are virtually comatose throughout it.

The first time I saw Prince live was the Lovesexy tour in 1988, and there’s about an hour of one of those shows online now.

One of the things missing from YouTube has been Prince singing his song made famous by Sinead O’Connor, Nothing Compares 2 U. Not any more.

Go on YouTube now and you’ll spend hours and hours looking at the stuff people are uploading, but one wee gem is from the only UK festival Prince ever played. In 2011 he played Hop Farm, a small-ish festival that took place in Kent. There’s some small snippets online but the largest clip is of Purple Rain, and even though it’s of failry crap quality it gives an idea of what it was like.

It’s a pity he never played Glastonbury, and now never will. He’d have been astonishing, especially compared to some of the dross they’ve got headlining at the Pyramid Stage this year.

So get yourself onto YouTube and enjoy yourselves. It’ll be worth it….


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