The first cut won’t hurt at all-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

Today has been a dizzy spin of swabs, needles, pills and incredibly heavy conversations as the pre-operation appointment before my thyroid and cancer is removed takes place, something that will happen next Friday, the 6th May. To say they’re moving faster than Usain Bolt after a dodgy bit of chicken is an understatement and I’m in full Jeff Goldbloom mode as of now….


I received a call late this morning saying that my pre-op would be tomorrow, but then that was changed as I need to stop taking one of the drugs (Clopidogrel) that stops me having another stroke. The pre-op then was moved to this afternoon with a couple of hours notice! This makes the surgery incredibly risky so it’s like a juggling act, though hopefully not a Crusty Juggler..

What I need to to is stop taking Clopidogrel now, and from tomorrow start taking Aspirin which is a stopgap but it’ll mean they can monitor my bleeding, because a full neck dissection as you can imagine is going to be messy which leads me to this Clive Baker quote…

“Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.”

Essentially the doctors are going to read my flesh next week. See what’s wrong and take out the corrupted flesh. Today made it clear how risky this is in my current position and how hard it’ll be for the anaesthetist (who was a very nice woman who I feel totally safe with)  to read things if there is a serous problem. Make no mistake, this is a routine operation (thyroid and lump removals from the neck are common) but the after-effects of the stroke make this a riskier operation than usual. However there’s no option as they can’t afford to spend another six months waiting for me to be totally out the danger zone for another stroke.

So next Friday morning a friend will drop me off with my stuff  at the hospital. I’m bringing my old laptop but sadly the Bristol Royal Infirmary blocks WordPress so I’ll be unable to post til I’m discharged, so if anyone thinks the worst, don’t be worried, it’s just I’ll be blocked. if people want updates follow me on Twitter @FakeGlennMiller as long as you don’t mid a bit of football plus some Scottish and UK politics too.

The operation is a 3-4 hours op, so if I get seen early I should be on the ward and awake from around midday-oneish. Next weekend will be one where I’ll be recuperating and having some astonishing people look after me as I have to make the point again that the NHS is an amazing bloody thing and we should fight as much as we can to preserve it.

Wish me luck, don’t say break a leg, I’ve got enough wrong with me….


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