What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #19

wickedandivine-19Last issue, things were starting to kick off as Gillen and McKelvie moved into the final phase of this splendid comic. In the previous issue Laura has returned from the dead with some unexpected companions, while Annake is using what’s left of the Pantheon to try to stop her being exposed as the person that’s been killing gods.

This issue starts with Dionysus being taken to the Underworld to meet with Laura, or the god Persephone as she’s now calling herself.


As for Annake she’s ready to go to war with Persephone/Laura, and she also drops a hint that Laura’s return isn’t all it seems.


This leads to one half of the surviving Panethon fighting the other half in the Underworld..


There’s a large battle, and Minerva is taken by Annake’s side of the Pantheon, but they’ve not got a clue what she’s got in store for Minerva when she gets her back.


There’s a real sense of this comic rocketing towards a climax, and now with the introduction of the threat of Minerva’s death at the hands of Annake, there’s a countdown Laura’s group are working to in order to save her and stop whatever it is Annake is planning to do.

All the slow build up and characterisation is over now. The Wicked and the Divine has turned into a fast paced action filled comic while still retaining the feel of everything that’s come before it. This really is fantastic stuff.

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