All and Everyone-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

Well, if all’s went to plan and I’ve grabbed the early operation slot I should be coming out of theatre about now pumped full of painkillers and my neck thoroughly dissected to remove my thyroid and my cancerous lump, which I’m still calling Jeremy after Jeremy Hunt.

If all went well I’ll be out of it for a few days at least as I recover from what is life-changing surgery. Certain foods I won’t be able to eat, I’ve given up drinking anyhow to help with the stroke recovery, I’ll have to take another drug to keep me alive and my voice is going to change. It’s a bit like a regeneration on Doctor Who though I’m hoping for Patrick Troughton or Tom Baker rather than Colin Baker once the dust has settled.

And once the dust has settled, the cancer has been removed surgically, and I’ve had my radiotherapy, I’m off back to Glasgow. There’s a place in Glasgow called Kelvingrove Park, one of my favourite places in the world, and there’s views like this I’ve shown friends and ex-girlfriends on visits to the city.


That Gothic spire is in Glasgow University. In summer the place is amazing. In winter it’s almost magical and once this is done I intend seeing these things with my own eyes again as I’ll probably if possible try to spend a month at least off work or doing anything so I can fully recover from the surgery/radiotherapy but also get stronger after my stroke.

When that does happen I’ll have too many people to thank in Bristol from friends, to work colleagues (I’m actually getting full sick pay for the next few weeks in an act not of humanity, but a hard fought victory) and of course, the doctors, nurses, technicians, porters and staff of the NHS in Bristol and especially the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Of course those friends online, both those I’ve met and will never meet, have played their part too.

So, right now I’m on massive amount of painkillers or still knocked out. As I’ve mentioned before I won’t be able to post any blogs for my time in hospital so if anyone is interested in updates, follow me @fakeglennmiller to keep abreast of the situation. Hopefully as you read this on the Friday or this weekend, all is done and I’m recovering safely.

As I write this though it’s the night before the operation and I’ve just taken my omeprazole to help make the operation safer so I guess I’m in full operation mode.At 6.45am a friend picks me and my small backpack of clothes up, takes me to hospital and it’s on. Right now it sort of feels like waiting to go to a festival that’s going to really hurt..

Wish me luck…

4 thoughts on “All and Everyone-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

  1. I love you Glenn. You’re the best of everything. What little energy I have I send to you; along with all the optimism and positivity you inspire me to. I’ll see you in a field soon. Jxx

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