If only we had a seven day NHS

I agree with Jeremy Hunt. We should have a seven day NHS where you can be treated every day by a doctor who’ll see you when you’ve got problems or have become ill. If only the NHS could do this then this would make sick people better.

Hunt’s got a point. After all, doctors don’t work on a Sunday apart from the one that saw me today for two hours because she was worried about complications from recent surgery to remove my thyroid and a cancer from my neck. Apart from her, the 999 operator, the triage nurse and on call doctor were also on hand to help me today, and they managed to quickly and efficiently get me an appointment with the aforementioned doctor. If we had a true seven day NHS I’d have found out about the possible thrombosis, and had other issues diagnosed like I did today…

Oh, I guess we do have an actual seven day NHS and this thing called Jeremy Hunt is just a lying bastard?


I tried calling the number on his website to ask him this but there was no answer. I’d try Tweeting him but he appears to have done nothing there in days.Still, I’m sure he’s doing more important things than the doctor who gave two hours of her time to help me today…


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