Alone Again With the Dawn Coming Up-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

It’s been a rough weekend. My recovery from surgery was going fine at home on Friday and most of Saturday til late afternoon where stomach cramps set in followed by feverish conditions. I had been constipated since they gave me some morphine in the ward on Wednesday, but unaware of the effects of opiates in how they can cause severe constipation. Of course I should have remembered that scene in Trainspotting but that never popped into my head til today…


So yesterday morning I dialled 999 who put me onto a triage service who then referred me to an emergency appointment with a GP at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and the GP there. She diagnosed chronic constipation partly as a reaction of my body from the massive surgery it’s just had, and the loads of opiate based painkillers they’ve given me since Wednesday. A hi-fibre treatment and suppositories was prescribed and although a race round pharmacies in Bristol yesterday was fruitless (it was a Sunday) I now have it, and can testify it works. Oh dear sweet Jebus it works……

More worryingly there was a concern in regards a swelling on my left thigh that it may be a thrombosis. That meant an emergency appointment back at the BRI today (I’m now actually working out how to get round it’s maze-like interior) for a scan and possible treatment. It also gave me a chance to not thank directly the technician that who first performed the scan that found my cancer when I had a stroke back in February, but her colleague was going to pass on my thanks. That was a bit of a nice experience and if she’d not done her job properly or brushed off the scan then I may be in a far worse condition than I am at the minute.

Thankfully all is clear! With that worry out the way, I can now concentrate on clearing my bowels (there’s a vision for you readers) chilling, recovering and waiting for a new dawn to rise….

6 thoughts on “Alone Again With the Dawn Coming Up-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

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  2. So glad things are getting dealt with promptly Glenn. On a side note – the tech that performed your scan was (probably) in actual fact a Diagnostic Radiographer, possibly even a student. My niece Emma (age 20, almost 21) is a few days shy of graduating from the University of Cumbria as that very thing. Her degree, no thanks to the Lib Dems, was fully funded by the NHS (min £27k for 3 yrs), she received a (relatively small but significant) bursary, although I’m not sure where that was from, and was able to claim travel and accommodation expenses when she was on placement. My sister & (soon to be ex-) husband contributed to accommodation and living costs and Emma has a “maintenance” loan but it’s not huge. All of that added up to a lot of hard work for Emma and a shit-ton of investment by the NHS. She got an unconditional job offer from her 1st (and only application) and starts work at Leighton Hospital in a month or so. All in all I reckon that’s NHS & “public ” money well spent

    Take care of yourself and shout if you need anything… Love Jxx

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