What I thought of FCBD 2016: Love and Rockets


If you’ve never, ever read Fantagraphics Love and Rockets created by the Hernandez Brothers Jaime and Gilbert, and you read comics of any kind then you’ve missed what is probably the finest regularly published comic of the last 30 or so years. In this sampler as part of Free Comic Book Day (also available from Comixology) as a sort of jumping on point for new readers. But with decades of history it can be hard to leap into Love and Rockets fresh as many of these stories require knowledge of the character’s lives. And these characters have full lives that people can relate to.


What Jaime Hernandez is superb at is allowing all his characters to have different voices so unlike more conventional mainstream writers his characters aren’t 2-D cutouts.


As for Gilbert he too creates fully rounded characters though rather than Jaime’s more punk feel, Gilbert sometimes veers into the mythological via smalltown working class reality.


Gilbert’s stories start small but grow and grow. Like Jaime his characters are people, not stereotypes, especially his series of stories set in the fictional border town of Palomar.


This won’t give you much more than a very small flavour of what Love and Rockets is about, which is the point, but this is one of the best comics ever made and this gives an idea of the genius that the Hernandez Brothers have created.

1 thought on “What I thought of FCBD 2016: Love and Rockets

  1. Am forever grateful to someone’s who name I never knew, but in the late ’80’s worked at a London Virgin Megastore and recommended to my then boyfriend that he bought me my first Love and Rockets.

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