Barcelona fans to wave Scotland flags at the Copa Del Rey

A day or so ago Barcelona were told that their fans would not be able to wave the Catalan flag at this weekend’s Copa del Ray, the Spanish cup final because the Spanish FA are essentially, dicks.


This is essentially as Spanish authorities want to try to curtail public sights of support for a separate Catalan state, and for a country that was fascist in many people’s lifetimes, this is a horribly repressive act of political censorship. So the cheeky scamps at Barcelona have squared the circle and come up with a solution. Instead of waving their own flag, they’re giving out 10,000 Saltires, the flag of Scotland, for their fans to wave.


To quote this article from STV:

According to a report in Spain’s Mundo Deportivo newspaper, the Scotland flags will be waved as the teams walk out, under the slogan “Nos podrán prohibir llevar una bandera, pero no nos podrán prohibir jamás la libertad” (“You may prohibit our flags but you will never prohibit our freedom”).

The flags will be waved again after 17 minutes and 14 seconds (1714 being the year that Catalunya became part of the Spanish kingdom).

The display is being organised by the Catalan National Assembly who will distribute the flags from the Barcelona fanzone in the Spanish capital.

Obviously using the flag of Scotland who just over 18 months ago voted upon it’s independence and voted to remain part of the UK for now is hugely symbolic as well as a sign of solidarity but this is a massive act of political censorship by the Spanish and I’m glad Barcelona FC have come up with such a brilliant. and funny, solution that will piss all the right people off not just in Spain, but here in the UK.


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