DC Comics make Watchmen part of their continuity because they’re unimaginative arseholes

DC Comics are undergoing yet another company wide revamp of their line in yet another attempt to stop declining sales as they reset a couple of previous revamps done as far in the past as 2011. DC Rebirth is going to solve all the problems DC’s been having now for at least 15 years where creatively they’re at a dead end. Sure, there are other problems such as an ageing readership, increased competition from other mediums and talent heading for companies like Image due to DC’s contracts or working conditions but at some point if you’re having to relaunch your line, or take a ”bold new direction’ every couple of years then you’re not building up confidence in the readership you’ve got and you’re essentially turning off new readers who may perhaps like Superman as a character but wonder why DC’s turned him into an enormous prick?

So in 2016 there’s another revamp, and this one is going to go down like diarrhoea on your wedding night. This overly excited Bleeding Cool article explains:

Wally West is back. There are three Jokers. The Original JSA is back. Watchman are now part of the DCU and are responsible for the loss of time???

Wait? Watchmen is now part of the DC Universe? It appears they are…


DC have been trying to weld Watchmen to their main universe of superheroes for years. A few years back they did a series called Countdown: Arena which was publicised with a poster featuring Frank Miller’s Batman from The Dark Knight beating up Rorschach.


DC have been clearly biding their time to sneak Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel Watchmen into their main universe for some time,  but fearing fan backlash or the (correct) accusation that they’re so creatively bankrupt that they have to keep mining what Alan Moore wrote for them 30 years ago (see also Frank Miller) rather than get their heads down and do something new and original. Then again, that’s involving listening to people, something DC don’t have form for unless it’s the small core of hardcore fans online who obsess about continuity hence these seemingly endless reboots to cater for this demographic.

Forget for a moment the fact it’s DC making a mockery of creator’s rights and it’ll make any creator worth their salt decide to avoid DC, or hold back ideas as after all, if they can fuck Alan Moore over constantly, they’ll fuck over anyone, it’s the paucity of imagination on display that’s the most depressing.

In short, DC Comics are being arseholes selling shite to wankers who’ll buy this guff up and then not see that the ever diminishing set of returns is going to end up destroying what they love. If anyone in DC had the vision, the imagination and the bollocks to try something new and think about how to cut across platforms and media to get new readers in (and those potential readers exist) then good luck to them but they won’t make things better by mining Watchmen, or by having Batman fight Rorschach because they want some bloke in his 30’s to say ‘kewl’ when they see it and buy all 12 covers of each issue they release.

Well done DC, just when you think there’s nothing left at the bottom of the barrel for you to scrape up, you’ve proven everyone wrong….

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