Total Eclipse of the Heart-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

After all the drama of the recent weeks and the clogged aftermath of my surgery, things are in a bit of a quiet phase as my recovery from the surgery to remove the cancer from my neck is going fine. Though my morning drug ritual is getting to nearly double figures..

2016-05-19 07.48.42

That helps keep me alive and numbs the only real pain I’m getting which is the odd sensation of my nerves rejoining in my shoulder after the operation. Some of it won’t come back as they had to cut through it to get the larger than expected mass in my neck, but some of it is and it’s an odd type of pain as it’s like being exposed to a naked flame, but once that passes I can feel things like clothing on that part of my body.

This week though is about mopping up my post-stroke treatment so I’ve currently enjoying having a unit attached to my chest for a 72 hour heart monitor. This has also meant another session of my chest being shaved and a small unit stuck to it where for 72 hours (barring showers where I can remove it) it’ll stay monitoring my heart to see if there’s any damage after the stroke. Of course the surgery and recovery has put a strain on it but hopefully there’s nothing too menacing come Friday when they look at the results, however there is a button on it that plays my heartbeat out loud, and on the bus home I turned it on treating the bus to a nice regular heartbeat before sussing out how to turn it off.

Also, I found out there’s a Doctor Strange working at the cardiac unit of the Bristol Royal Infirmary. He sadly doesn’t look like this.


So for the time being all is quiet. Friday is the next checkpoint as it’s not just the day my heart monitor goes back, but it’s also the day of my follow up appointment after the surgery. Hopefully here I find out the date of my radiotherapy and then whether I’m cancer free leaving me only with the stroke recovery which is going fine, so I’d be free to carry on with my life….


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