A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

Today was my follow up appointment after my operation three weeks ago today to remove my thyroid and the cancer in my neck. My surgery is healing up nicely and I’ve even been allowed to shave to get rid of my increasingly shaggy Hipster beard, not to mention I can go back to doing more vigorous exercise to help my recovery from the stroke I had in February.

I got the results of all the tests they did on the tissue they took out (and they took a lot of tissue out) in my neck around the thyroid and the lump. All negative.  The cancer was centred in my thyroid so removing it and the mass has taken the wind from it’s sails and left me with some lymph node to be killed off and then that’s it. I’m cancer free needing only regular check ups

As for my stroke I’ve been wearing a cardiac monitor for the last three days to make sure the old heart is fine. I managed to somehow turn on the speaker on it on the bus the other day so I treated everyone to my steady heartbeat. That’s gone and good, I don’t really like having a Mother Box on my chest unless it’s going to make me a superhero.


As for my return to Glasgow, the doctor has said not to do that til the radiotherapy is done. That’ll be in a month so by the end of June, start of July a window of opportunity opens and then my consultants will contact their colleagues in Glasgow and my follow up treatment (which will by this point consist of regular checks) will be transferred there.

So finally a bit of light is opening up and the life I’ve had on hold since the 19th February 2016 can resume as I’m now facing the sun rather than the dark. I’ll have just had a wee bit of an overhaul but I’m not quite done yet…….

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