What I thought of Providence #9

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In the month or so since the last issue some friends of mine have had a holiday in America where they visited H.P Lovecraft’s grave and the city of Providence which from looking at their holiday snaps looks a nice place. No fish monsters sadly.

This issue starts with Robert Black finally making his way to Providence where he meets a Mr. Henry Annesley, someone who can see what creatures lurk in the air that’d make normal people fear for their sanity thanks to a special pair of glasses.


During his conversation with Annesley, Black is clearly blaming his experiences (including I assume his rape) on his lover killing themselves back in the first issue.


Also, Black gets to meet Howard Charles, another person Annesley is helping with their research.


All the while the creeping sense of unease that Moore so clearly enjoys injecting this comic with grows and grows, but for now Black seems to have found himself an admirer in Charles and vice versa.


The pair tour the city of Providence and come across St. John’s Church, a disused church once used by the secretive Stella Sapiente for their meetings in the city. Sneaking in thanks to a broken railing, the pair investigate the disused building while all the time dropping hints about each other’s sexuality to the other.


In the tower they find the meteorite Black saw hit the ground when in Manchester, plus there’s dozens of Stella Sapiente books in the deserted tower, but by this point the hints the pair are dropping to each other move a step up a gear or two. The stone however seems to be exerting an influence over the pair.


After this encounter the pair go their separate ways and Black heads off to meet Lovecraft who after a lengthy chat takes Black to visit his mother, and that sense of creeping dread starts getting more and more.


She can see the strange creatures swimming in the air, and she can also see that Black’s causing them to get stirred up for an as yet, unrevealed reason.

There’s a lot happening in this issue from Black’s seeming acceptance of his homosexual urges, to H.P Lovecraft’s strange encounter this is at first glance not an important issue, but it is. There’s a lot happening here not to mention that Black’s fate looks less secure with each issue as Moore and Burrows set up the final three issues of this impressively literary work.  This really is a comic that’s going to benefit being read in one large sitting but right now we’ve no idea what’s going to happen but I’ll lay on a bet that it’s not going to be good for Black.

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