The Wee Bleu Book-The EU Referendum staggers on

weebleubookWith the news that the Brexit campaign has taken a small lead after focusing on immigration after losing the economic and social argument, there’s now a real danger that the UK is voting to become a more racist, xenophobic, closed minded country looking back and making it clear it doesn’t want diversity. It’s be horrendous not for just the UK if a Brexit was achieved on the back of what has been an extraordinarily racist line of rhetoric from many in Vote Leave and the UKIP campaigns. It’d also give the far right the ammunition it’s been looking for and I genuinely fear for people should this happen.

See, Nigel Farage is a bigot and a racist. He’s tainted this debate before it even started and Boris Johnson has gladly picked up Farage’s lines about the likes of Turkey joining the EU (never going to happen unless there’s a massive change in how Turkey is run) and has made it so the Turks are going to join the EU tomorrow and we’ll be ‘flooded’ with rapists, terrorists and other criminals in what is a horrible line of debate.

So some facts need to enter into the debate and those of us who want to stay in the EU (this doesn’t make me a huge fan of the EU’s many flaws) need to step up the game in the last couple of weeks otherwise we’ll lose it and hand control over to a bunch of imperialistic xenophobes who’ll make life hell for most people in the UK.

The Wee Bleu Book is clearly inspired by Wings Over Scotland’s Wee Blue Book which played a big part of the Scottish Independence Referendum. Created by members of the SNP it is obviously focused on Scotland, but it’s information is relevant to the UK too. Before you cast your vote have a look at it because it’s far, far clearer than anything the Leave campaign has come up with as they seem to be too busy talking about immigrants, bananas and Hitler.

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