What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #20


With the head of steam well and truly built up after the last issue Gillen and McKelvie get down to explaining exactly how Laura survived her murder by Annake even though it looked pretty conclusive that she was dead. This means filling in the gaps from previous issues.


And looking back we see characters realise that Annake is setting them up and unusual alliances are made..


It’s here we get the flashback that tells us how Laura survived, and also, just how much of an enormously evil old bastard Annake is.


After the flashbacks it’s revealed Laura has a very simple and possibly effective plan..


There’s a real sense the creative team are tying up lose ends for the Big Fight which will probably end this splendid series. Me, I reckon the Pantheon don’t have a limited lifespan at all, but in fact Annake kills them to prolong her life and she’ll be found out leaving our cast (or whoever ends up surviving the next few issues) to pick up the pieces and carry on.

We’ll see soon enough….

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