Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

I first became aware of the Daniel Morgan case I think in the early 2000’s when someone on a comedy forum I used to frequent back then mentioned it in a thread about unsolved murders and/or police corruption. Ever since then I’ve looked it up several times when the name came up in drunken pub conversation about these sort of cases or I’ve searched the internet on rainy days.

If people aren’t aware of it then I advise to not search online and instead take yourself to the site Untold Murder, and check out the rather excellent podcast, UNTOLD: The Daniel Morgan Murder which is two episodes into a ten episode run as of this week.

There’s been a few comparisons with Serial, but I found that a tad exploitative, this is investigative journalism of the type you rarely read. As for the details of the case, I’ve deliberately avoided going into those as it really is best going into this with an open mind because the implications of this murder are enormous.

Check it out, the podcast is free to listen to and is gripping, if sometimes disturbing, but it’s essential.

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