The racist Brexit campaign exposed

The American comedian Jon Stewart once said that you should only call people acting like Nazis, Nazis. That it isn’t a word to throw around lightly and I agree, it isn’t which is why I never do it unless it is to point out that someone is being a a Nazi. After today, I think Nigel Farage is a fascist, a racist and with seriously Nazi tendencies. now, I always thought he was a racist, but I put him down as an opportunist. A sort of beige middle class English authoritatianism happy with imposing their ideas upon others or else, a form of fascism as it were, but not a Nazi.

Then today, he stands in front of this poster.


As many have pointed out, this resembles Nazi propaganda so much, it could be lifted directly from what they did. I also don’t think as some have suggested, that this is an accident. UKIP know what they’re trying to do and say here and that’s to degrade immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees to less than human, almost like cattle to be shunted around and denigrated. Less than human. Once you’ve made them ‘lesser’ than us, it’s easier to treat them badly. It’s designed to whip up hate and fear and who knows where this may lead?

Yet, this afternoon we might have an idea. Labour MP Jo Cox has been shot in her constituency. Details are understandably patchy but it appears she was shot three times and possibly stabbed and is in a critical condition in hospital but coming out are reports the attacker cried out ”Britain First‘ as he attacked her. At the minute there’s just a long distance picture of the suspect and all campaigning in the EU Referendum has been suspended for the rest of the day. Britain First are desperately trying to ensure nothing ends up back at them, but their bullying, thuggish behaviour has consequences

It’s hard to imagine the mentality of the 52 year old suspect but if this was a far-right terrorist attack, then it’ll be hard not to imagine that the rhetoric of the likes of Farage and various psychopaths on social media didn’t in some way contribute to this. If it is then this changes utterly everything.

In the meantime, I hope Jo Cox pulls out of this. She’s one of the few decent Labour MP’s on their benches, but in the meantime its time to make a stand against the fascist rhetoric of Nigel Farage. I’m tired of letting him, or his cringing apologists have the last word, or attempt to get a moral high ground. As of now, call him and those like him what they are, xenophobic, racist and very probably harbouring tendencies a Nazi would be proud of.


Jo Cox is dead due to her injuries. Murdered it seems by a racist terrorist. From now on I want Farage to be treated less like a jolly English eccentric but what he is; a racist demagogue that with groups like Britain First, encourages.

The fallout from this is enormous. Before that though all sympathies go to the family and friends of Jo Cox.

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