Two out of three ain’t bad: The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

With all the cancer stuff, surgery, and radiation my stroke recovery has been somewhat neglected on these blogs, but today was my, hopefully, final stoke clinic. My stroke recovery has been put back because of the cancer, but it’s getting back on track and today was to see if my recovery can be signed off from the acute stroke recovery unit to my GP, and also, to see if the 72 hour cardiac monitor I wore a few weeks back shows there’s no damage to my heart which is something my doctors feared. I basically faced a future as unhip, tab-smoking 1960’s Tony Stark rather than the Robert Downey sex machine version.


Me, possibly


Not me, possibly.

So this morning I had three main health concerns. Possible cardiac problems, issues with having a stroke/recovering from a stroke and of course, my cancer. After a day of being poked and prodded, my heart is amazingly healthy and the results of the monitor was that there’s no defects or damage. My stroke recovery however was put back because of the surgery, and will be put back when I start my radiotherapy (that’s July 11th for that) but there’s no major problems though a stroke recovery to get back to anywhere I was before I had it on February the 19th could take years, it might also take less than that. It depends really whether I need more than one injection of radioactive iodine.

Basically medically I’m no longer at acute risk of having a stroke and won’t have a heart attack, so the acute stroke unit is done with me and my recovery now reverts to my GP. I’m still at high risk of having a stroke but I’m out of the immediate danger zone. My heart is also, remarkably healthy and undamaged. My cancer is still ongoing and can still go from being cured to being in a pine box (or a couple of Asda bags) and thrown in the ground.

A full recovery from the stroke could be months, years even, but I’m no longer at high risk, I don’t have to worry about my heart and now I can focus on my stroke recovery and beating cancer.

Nearly there….

4 thoughts on “Two out of three ain’t bad: The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

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