A Brexit is happening & it’s fucked it all up

This is how I feel this morning.

The UK has voted to leave the EU, or more exactly, England and Wales have, Scotland and Northern Ireland haven’t. The older generations have voted to leave, younger generations haven’t. People have decided to cut themselves off from a larger Europe, get rid of immigrants and send a message to Johnny Foreigner. They’ve empowered the Tory hard to far right, Nigel Farage and the sort of people who think the murder of Jo Cox was a ‘false flag’. Imagine waking up at Glastonbury this morning and finding this news out?

Those thinking the Tories would rip themselves apart and call a snap election should now note the Tories are uniting to ensure that happens because that’s what the Tories do, they cling onto power when they can. Anyhow, England and Wales have voted for a Brexit under hard to far right conditions, and if anyone can sit here in on Friday morning and say the Leave campaign didn’t fight a racist, bitter angry campaign designed to whip up fear of immigrants and ‘foreigners’. The main line they used of the £350 million we ‘give’ to the EU (a figure the Leave campaign was told was a lie) , something Nigel Farage has said ‘is a mistake’.

This morning fear, xenophobia, hatred of immigrants, Muslims and Europeans have won. I’m watching Nigel Farage on the BBC right now full of piss and vinegar empowered beyond belief. He’s imprinting himself upon the media as the winner. His is the vision that won this.It was based upon hate and racism, but he’s won.

And here’s Jeremy Corbyn. Less said about his appalling attempts in this campaign the better.

So it’s around 7.30AM, the media is waiting for David Cameron to make a statement. The UK economy is tanking before the UK markets even open, and the pound is falling. The UK is to lose it’s AAA rating which means the international community sees us as a bad credit risk, which means a UK government can’t borrow what it can now, which means it has less money than now. Added to the fact that many immigrants settled here may leave and take their tax with them then we’re heading for a big black hole.

There’s pudgy middle aged politicians and leave campaigners smiling. Not one non-white face. Lots of nice public school voices. You think by voting leave you’d get rid of the elites? You’ve just fucking empowered them you dumb, stupid fucking cunts because you believed Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson!

And yet some good may come from this. Scotland may become independent. Ireland may reunify. The bigots and racists are exposed. If the promises made in this campaign don’t happen the backlash against this part of the UK establishment that’s just grabbed power will be enormous.

But dear god, you’ve done it. You’ve voted to leave. I hope you’re willing to live with what you’ve done.

2 thoughts on “A Brexit is happening & it’s fucked it all up

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