Brexit Breakdown-The Day After

For many this weekend they’re breaking down in years and crying at the EU referendum result.

The UK has voted to leave the EU. The EU want us gone as if we’re a dodgy kebab we’ve had on a really bad night out on the lash. For those crying and demanding a second referendum by signing a petition, or listening to Damon Albarn cry on about ‘a lack of democracy’ may I make it clear that you’re wasting your time. You lost the argument. Stop blaming others and get off your knees, dry your eyes, work out how to fix this mess because the UK (well, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have other plans possibly but they voted to remain) is leaving the EU. The EU have started that process now and it’s not going to stop.

I know fine well what it’s like to lose a referendum I supported with all I could. It is utterly horrible. I also know what it’s like to get a grip and work out the next moves. Things are changing, especially in Scotland. Former No supporters coming out in favour of a second referendum, including the rampant Unionist J.K Rowling, and the Daily Record printing this today.


Meanwhile Dan Hannan and other Brexiters try to claw back their lies while members of the public call Boris Johnson a cunt.

We’re through the looking glass people. We are essentially living in anarchic times and its scary as hell. Luckily the weekend provides a wee lull in things but trust me, gird yourself because Monday won’t be fun. I don’t have a clue what’ll happen but it’s probably going to be awful.

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