What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


There’s something very Blue Jam about Alan Moore’s work for the increasingly interesting Cinema Purgatorio. All his stories so far have had a trippy, dark, horrific feel but are still funny in a twisted way very much like that series was so if Moore is drawing influence from Chris Morris I’m not complaining. In this issue we have Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill  sort of coming back to superheroes, albeit one in an 1930’s type serial. It’s unsettingly funny.


Next up is the Garth Ennis strip, Code Pru, which is bloody, messy and monstrous this issue as it takes a bit of inspiration from Alien for this episode’s monster.


As for Modded,it’s barring Moore’s strip, it’s the best of the comic.It’s best enjoyed thinking this as a kid’s cartoon but with more blood.


A Better Union is an odd little beast set as it is during the American Civil War and is a mix of historical war comic with some giant ants.


While The Vast treads some old ground but does so well.


Cinema Purgatorio has settled into a nice pace with all the strips hitting a good head of steam. Only Max Brooks’s Civil War strip needs to really get going otherwise it’s all good stuff that is worth looking at even if you’re not an Alan Moore completist.

4 thoughts on “What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #3

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  2. The Vast really isn’t meaning anything to me. Something something giant monsters something. Not really caring how or why these giant monsters came to be there, or who the many anonymous jocks fighting them are. Not a great story.

    Modded is kind of cute, but is is Moore backing story good?

    I like the giant ants American civil war thingy, though there was no hint of ants in the first story, and I liked that anyway. Yet to see if the ants actually make it better or worse.

    Purgatorio itself is brilliantly creepy and seems to have a Dr Manhattan-like feeling of messing with your whole conception of reality. Code Pru is up there with Garth’s other good stuff, and Garth generally writes good stuff.

    Generally though, pretty sure I wouldn’t read any of these comics if Alan’s story wasn’t in there. They don’t stick out among the general mass of comics enough to be worth reading, if I wasn’t getting the comic for Cinema. Nice of Alan to help his mates, using the obsessiveness of his fans and the quality of his work to make something worth buying that otherwise probably isn’t. Still, though, most of Alan’s work is done by him alone, so can’t complain too much about this comic.

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