Brexit Breakdown-This Vicious Cabaret

Michael Gove made his seemingly never-ending speech launching his bid to become Tory Party leader, and be default, our next Prime Minister. That’s Michael Gove. This man.


After Boris Johnson shitting himself and running away bravely, we’re left with a realistic choice between Michael Gove (a rampant Unionist who is utterly inept) and Teresa May (a rampant Unionist, who is sociopath and utterly inept) as next Tory leader and by default, the next UK Prime Minister. Except you and I won’t get a choice, only Tory MP’s and the Tory membership get a choice. See when Gove said ‘he’d stop unelected elites gaining control’? Yeah, he was lying because neither of the main two candidates intend holding a general election so we don’t get a say as to the new direction of the government til 2020.

But they got elected last year’ you may, correctly and also stupidly say. Both Gove and May in their opening campaign declarations make it clear they’re both veering to the far right of the Tory Party. Both are scary people for some of the same and different reasons, but here we are now. The established political class of the Tory Party are about to fight over who gets handed the job to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU, and oh, both May and Gove suggest the rights of EU nationals can be used as an negotiating tool with the EU. Let that sink in for a second. This isn’t fantasy but a real possible thing that may happen. People we all know and love may be used as pawns to get what Gove and May want from the EU. It should sicken anyone but in post Brexit Britain anything now seems possible, even if it’s near fascism.

100 years ago the Battle of the Somme started. Lives were lost, and wasted as a bloated British establishment fought with whomever to cement their place in the world and a century later a bloated British establishment fights with whomever to cement their place in the world. All the lessons learnt and battles won over 100 years are going unless we fight for it because there’s nothing much left for us to do.

So when politicians use the slaughter of a century ago to build the myth of post Brexit Britain, remember the truth. I leave you with the words of the writer Pat Mills (lifted from his Facebook page), the man who wrote the peerless Charley’s War. They’re worth remembering as we enter a dangerous new phase for us all.


Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on Charley’s War. It still means so much to me, so much so that I don’t trust myself to think about it too much. Because it is SUCH an emotional subject.
Today is a tragic anniversary when the ‘Best of British’ were murdered by the British ruling class. Because it was Britain that started WW1 -for which there is overwhelming and documented evidence (E.D. Morel and others). Not Germany and all that lying Balance of Power tripe they told us at school. That’s about as truthful as Tony Blair’s reasons for invading Iraq.
It’s heartbreaking to see the murder of a generation still remembered as ‘heroic sacrifice’ by the descendants of that same ruling class.
Any voice of dissent is still – with shameful calculation – removed. For example, the words of Harry Patch, the Last Tommy of WW1, who, unfortunately for the establishment, was a pacifist.
It’s worsened in recent years with the Battle of the Somme now being described as a victory, and General Haig as a hero. Shame on the historians and the establishment for lying about our noble forefathers. They deserve better.


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