Brexit Breakdown-The Day After Chilcot

It is the day after the Chilcot Report was released damning Tony Blair forever as not just everything we thought he was, but actually worse as even now he spins to an inch of his life invoking 911, indulging in conspiracy theories and trying to spread blame where he can. Meanwhile his Blairite followers wake up today in force to attack figures likes Alex Salmond, Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn who spoke out so totally against Blair and Labour.

My only hope some of them perhaps watch this Mitchell and Webb sketch and realise where in history they now stand as they’re not on the side of what’s good or right.

Meanwhile the Tories fight among themselves to see who’ll be the next Prime Minister. We have Michael Gove, a sack of skin that somehow thinks it can act human. Andrea Ledsom, the sort of person who gives idiots a bad name and Teresa May who makes Torquemada look like Tony Benn.


So a fortnight after the EU Referendum we’re seeing Sterling drop to levels not seen in decades, companies arranging to close down parts of their operations in the UK, a possible second independence referendum in Scotland, EU Nationals rights being thrown around like confetti, a Tory leadership contest that places the chance of someone to the right of Cameron or Osborne in power and a potential Labour split because part of the party still thinks they were right with Blair and the deaths of up to a million people are things to casually dismiss.

And oh, there’s still a government governing and they’re still fucking us over, plus Portugal got to the final of Euro 2016 even though they’re one of the worst teams I’ve seen in the last four of an international competition in some time.

Just imagine what it’s going to be like when things really get bad?


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