The colour of money-The ongoing story of my cancer/stroke

It has been very, very quiet on the cancer front and the stroke recovery partly because of the sheer unbridled horror over Brexit, but because the stroke recovery is going well and I’ve been on a low-iodine diet for a couple of weeks in anticipation of my radio-iodine injection on Monday which hopefully gets rid of my cancer and gives me super powers.

Today though started the countdown to what should hopefully be a short stay in hospital next week so I was again stuck in the Ear, Nose and Throat department of St. Michael’s Hospital here in Bristol and the good news is that after the massive surgery I had to remove the cancerous mass in my neck and my thyroid, my neck is healing fine. So fine in fact they’re happy letting my GP monitor my recovery and will only see me now every six months. So yay and indeed, wooo!

And to make it even better I come home and find this letter from MacMillan Cancer Support.

2016-07-08 17.02.32

I’ve cut out some details for obvious reasons but I’ve been given £400 as a grant to help me and it couldn’t be more appreciated. Sadly you only qualify if you’ve got cancer, nearly died or could die and are not very well so don’t all go running to MacMillan asking for money!

So, Monday. It all hinges on next week as right now everything is going the right way. Just need this to go right next week and I can pick up my life again.

2 thoughts on “The colour of money-The ongoing story of my cancer/stroke

  1. I hope you get better soon and beat this thing, Glenn. I hope the super hero jab works both by getting rid of the cancer and by giving you super powers. Hopefully one thats useful and cool, like that of South Park’s Captain Hindsight :p

    Get well soon bud and fuck cancer.

    Alex Wood

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