Sad Satan: One Year On

Around a year ago I came across an article on Kotaku and discovered something called Sad Satan, a supposed ‘Dark Web’ video games with some sort of satanic connection, not to mention the fact it seemed to centre round paedophilia made it scary if it were real. A year ago I posited it may be a hoax, which it almost certainly is but seeing as I love this sort of creepy bollocks I soaked it all up last summer.

A lot has happened in a year, and the best place to start is this Wikipedia article. I’d stopped paying attention when other things in the real world started drawing my attention elsewhere, and indeed it still is as Brexit and cancer are still things I’m struggling with, but I’ve noticed a spike in readers for that blog I did a year ago so it drew me back in. The point I stopped following the Sad Satan meme/game/hoax was when the fifth part of the game was uploaded onto the Obscure Horror Game Channel on Youtube.

So I missed this lifted from the Wiki article:

a new version of the game was posted to 4chan by someone claiming to be ZK, claiming thatObscure Horror Corner had not been showing their viewers the “true” Sad Satan

Probably a good thing as anyone with some nous would suss that things were going to go badly, Perhaps not this badly, again lifted from the Wiki article:

Members of the 4chan community downloaded this version of the game and attempted to play it. Some users complained that their computers began running sluggishly, and a few even reported that their computers became completely unresponsive while trying to run the game. A few users even reported that their computer would not turn on anymore after running this version of the game.[11] One Reddit user, attempted to play the game from a Live USB instead of their computer’s main hard drive. Later, when they tried to boot into their computer as normal, the computer failed to load.[12] This version, dubbed the “clone” by most of the /r/sadsatan community, contained images of violent gore and some child pornography, some of which was accessible right from the Title Screen of the game. A version of the game with the pornography removed, often called the “clean” version was created by Redditors and subsequently redistributed in hopes that people who went out to download the game would download it instead of the “clone”, which contained the graphic imagery.


The Reddit page on the game/meme/hoax is still going strong with people downloading the game to find their computer is knackered or they’ve got child abuse images dumped on their hard drive by this program people downloaded so I guess my advice here is to not download anything with the name ”Sad Satan” attached to the file name. If you want to see the ‘game’ (and I’d not even call it a game really) best to look at the complete cut someone stuck on YouTube.

A year on I look back at Sad Satan as one of those more fun, creepy things the internet does, and this was done well. It captured everyone’s imagination, especially as many of us don’t know much about what lurks on the Dark Web, so it was perfectly imaginable that someone could make a game like this. I now think it clearly was a hoax, a great one at that, but ended up going down darker paths as others tried to embellish the game further than it already was.

There’s loads and loads of Youtube videos and clearly staged, overwrought reaction videos, but always remember this likely isn’t ‘real’ in the traditional sense, this was designed to make people talk about it. A hoax isn’t always a bad thing, and in the case of Sad Satan it’s one of those things that rank up there with Alternative 3 and Ghostwatch in terms of reaction.

So get dug in. Enjoy the ride, but don’t for fucks sake download anything!


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