What I thought of The Six Million Dollar Man #1


Like many kids in the 1970’s I loved The Six Million Dollar Man. It was total and utter bunkum but it was also total and utter fun watching Lee Majors playing American astronaut Steve Austin, injured in a crash and then rebuilt for the huge sum then of six million dollars. Of course in 2016 six million dollars barely buys you a pair of Taylor Swift’s shoes. This bit of shameless nostalgia for 40 plus old men is written by Val Jenson and drawn by Ron Salas and it’s good, shameless fun and starts with Steve Austin walking away from a situation men worth less than six million dollars couldn’t.


And this is all good fun, it even has that sound effect.


This isn’t as good as Warren Ellis’s splendid James Bond stories for Dynamite, but it’s still good readable fun stuff with lots of action, intrigue and ninjas for any old fan of the series to lap up and enjoy, It’s not the peak of comics but it does its job well enough and the writing and art is decent enough, but it does make me wish I still had my Steve Austin doll with it’s great, but actually rubbish, bionic eye…


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