What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #21


Last issue’s filling in of the narrative gaps left things set up for a huge fight, but this is The Wicked and the Divine, it doesn’t do huge superhero style fight scenes, or at least, it only does a few panels and this issue starts establishing a few things like the return of Minerva to Valhalla and Annake before Laura and her group turn up.


For 20 issues this comic has been something different. It’s held back doing the obvious where lesser creators would have pandered, so we’re due a Big Fight Issue and we’ve got it.




In amongst the hitting, punching and brutal action there’s also lots of plot. Annake also reveals herself to be a total and complete villain who needs to be stopped but there’s a glorious cliffhanger as we’re left wondering how do our heroes get out of this one?

This is fantastic stuff. Sure all the previous issues have been marvellous and fight scenes do get boring but this isn’t anything like that. As said, we’ve worked to get to this point and next issue is the end of this arc so it has much to live up to after this extraordinary great issue.

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