Brexit Breakdown-Dystopia

I’ve not spoken about the aftermath of Brexit for a few days as I’ve had other stuff to deal with but in the week or so since I last did we’ve seen David Cameron quit as Prime Minister, Theresa May replace him, Boris Johnson become Foreign Secretary, a terrorist attack in France that has killed 84 people with more fatalities due, an attempted coup in Turkey and Portugal winning Euro 2016. All these events are terrible but look at the bigger picture here and imagine having access to a Tardis so you could travel back in time 20 years and tell your younger self in 1996 of the year 2016. In every sense it’d sound like some hellish future dystopia because it probably is.

Take the disaster of Brexit, something we’ve not even grasped yet but now we’ve got a new cabinet we get an idea of where things may go and it isn’t good. Disgraced minister Liam Fox is now in charge of trade deals, the same man that advocates free market deals is going to negotiate our future agreements in the world. Take Priti Patel, now a senior minister who believes in bringing back hanging. Make no bones about it, this is the hardest right wing government in my lifetime and I’ve seen a few but never on this scale and they’re here til 2020 when it’ll be too late to rectify any of the damage being done.

20 years ago John Major’s Tories were drawing to a close.Tony Blair’s Labour were itching at their chance to come in. We didn’t know what disasters awaited us but times were mainly good, plus with the end of The Cold War we didn’t have anyone to fight. The 1990’s were a weird decade because there was genuine, real promise of great things to come. Then it all went tits up and now we’re here.

There’s little to cheer us. Scottish independence may provide a way to not just stall Brexit, but stop it in its tracks but even then things are broken, in this Ballardian future none of us could ever have imagined. Scotland may end up kicking England out the airlock as it desperately seeks its escape like Ripley at the end of Alien, but even independence right now isn’t the best option, it’s the least worst option.

But we’re not all going to wake up tomorrow eating the neighbour’s dog. There’s still hope but with the barrage of Massive News Events happening right now it all seems overwhelming because it is. We’re not designed to deal with the hugeness of what seems to be going on so try to tie them all together to give them reason or meaning, but the sad reality is the world isn’t run by shadowy elites, but stumbles along in a mess hoping things don’t get any worse.


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