Your chance to help Tony Blair stand trial for Iraq


I’ve not made any secret of the fact I despise Tony Blair as much, if not more than I did Margaret Thatcher and after the Chilcot Report he deserves to spend time in the dock facing the families of the 179 men and women he send to be killed for no reason at all in the Iraq War.

Now the families of the dead British service men and women are trying to crowdfund enough money to carry on legal proceedings so they can finally face Blair, because Blair being the coward he is, refuses to meet them face-to-face so might as well make their first meeting in a court of law.

The link to the crowdsourcing page is here, I’ve chucked in a tenner I can’t really afford but this is important. It might not end up in a conviction but if it helps make Blair’s life an ongoing hell then it’ll be a tenner well spent.

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