What I thought of Faith #1


Back in the olden days of the 1990’s Valiant Comics were Hot, the Next Big Thing in those crazy speculators days, but that bubble burst and Valiant Comics lined cat litter trays the world over as comics thought to be worth hundreds were struggling to sell from dealer’s 50p boxes.

Fast forward to 2016 and Valiant is still plugging on, and Faith by writer Jody Hauser and artist Pere Perez is Hot. Not because it’s surprisingly a well done superhero comic, or has a woman as the lead, but because in a genre full of unfeasibly breasted women and girls bending in ways the human spine could never do, Faith is about an overweight woman being an heroic figure. Between Faith and the original Red Tornado the superhero genre has produced two female characters with a more realistic body shape in around 80 years of publishing. That’s why Faith stands out.

As for this number one issue, it’s a follow up to a previous mini-series, but don’t worry, there’s a handy old-school Marvel style catch up at the start which fills you in.


In fact this very much follows the Marvel template, angst ridden superhero in a Big American City, fighting crime while trying to work out who their friends are and who they can trust.


There’s some nice touches here, especially an elongated conversation about Faith’s superhero costume.


There’s nothing that’s unique here or original. We’ve seen the superhero trying to make things work when everything’s working against them so often before, but this is nicely down and most of all, fun which is the point of superheroes. Faith is good superhero comics, nothing special apart from it might get through to certain people that women come in all shapes and forms, and if it does that then it’ll have done a job.

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