Brexit Breakdown-The land of new opportunities

Four weeks ago today the UK woke up to the fact it’d had voted to leave the EU. Many of us are still struggling with this decision and even though your hardcore Brexiter thinks everything is fine, it really, really isn’t as the UK economy plunges to the worst it’s been since 2009 and we should all remember what happened then.


A look around the internet sees Brexiters talk of ‘great new opportunities’ which will be bigger than Jesus but that isn’t the case for those of us operating in the fact-based world. There’s a broken road panning out ahead of us and with Scotland looking likely to hold a second referendum soon, Northern Ireland discussing what might be done and Spain threatening to veto the UK’s Brexit totally if we take Gibraltar with them.

Sure, the UK (or whatever’s left of it) will achieve a Brexit of some description maybe in some point in the future, but it isn’t going to be for years and it won’t keep all the Brexiters, especially the racists, happy.

And when Brexiters start tearing themselves apart it’ll be a glorious thing.

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