I love these quiet moments before the storm: The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

I haven’t spoken about what’s been going on with my stroke recovery or my cancer since my radio-iodine treatment a few weeks ago because there’s not much to say, things are in a bit of a lull. Which is a nice thing because in the last five months I’ve near died twice, and have lived with the constant threat of death every single day. One of the things they don’t tell you about cancer is the sheer pressure this weighs upon you which results not just in mental stress, but it affects you physically. Imagine Frodo at the end of the Lord of the Rings films. Like that, but without the 17 different endings.

That though isn’t there. Sure, I’m not all clear yet, and although I’m out of high risk of having a stroke, and the concept that this cancer could result in a premature death still lingers on but since the treatment I’ve done wee bits here and there in regards to picking up my life again. That means looking into moving to Glasgow where a new phase of my life awaits just out of my reach for now. All I’m waiting on is whether oncology will allow me to leave Bristol at the minute and carry on my treatment/recovery in Glasgow or they’d like me to stay.

Whatever happens the situation is for now that things are quiet round here. Which is nice but I’ve no idea when things will start up again so I take advantage of this for now…


2 thoughts on “I love these quiet moments before the storm: The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

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