What I thought of Predator versus Judge Dredd versus Aliens #1


A rather nice Glenn Fabry cover greets you as you enter Dark Horse’s and IDW’s mega-crossover of Predator, Aliens and Judge Dredd, together in one comic for the first time. Now I’ll be upfront, I’m not a fan at all of what IDW are doing with Judge Dredd as I don’t think they get the humour nor the satirical elements of Dredd. At best it seems forced and I don’t think America quite gets Dredd. Predator and Aliens are different things altogether but I thought I’d give this a try.


Written by John Layman with art by Chris Mooneyham the story is set in The Cursed Earth and starts with a Predator being hunted by animals who have been mutated into humans or had their DNA used to created humanoid animals.


The Dredd here is the hardnut tough guy Dredd of the Karl Urban film, and doesn’t feel like the Judge Dredd I grew up with. He’s too cliche.


There’s also a cliched mad scientist who doesn’t understand what he’s doing and that’s where our Aliens come in.


There’s nothing wrong with Predator versus Judge Dredd versus Aliens, it’s a perfectly functional action-adventure comic that has Aliens in it, along with lots of Predators and a character who’s sort of like Judge Dredd but there’s a spark missing here. Things are too cliche and the problem with something like this is you have to contrive a situation to make all three fight, and this is most certainly contrived.

This isn’t a bad comic though. Fans of Predator or Aliens will be happy but as an old school Judge Dredd fan I was disappointed with it because it’s just not quite right. Still, that Glenn Fabry cover is nice.

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