A word about the launch of That’s Not Current and my reviews

Over the last months or so the amount of reviews on my blog have been culled to a few every Wednesday for new comics, the odd film or telly programme and that’s it. This blog has developed more into talking about the ongoing treatment of my cancer and my stroke recovery, politics, and a load of other stuff.

I’ve not stopped writing reviews, instead they’ve been funnelled to That’s Not Current which has been going on in a sort of beta form for a few months, but has its official launch. We have a video and everything

I’m especially proud of my Killing Joke review which was written in around 30 very angry minutes. I’ve also noticed I add the word ‘frankly’ into my reviews far too much because of this spoof Twitter account getting stuck in my head. Vile, frankly.

So go check it. There’s loads of stuff of mine on there, and will be coming soon. This probably isn’t the only other site I’ll be doing stuff for in the present and future (more on that another time) but on the whole I’m quite proud of my rambling, sweary politics filled reviews.

Go look now! Spread the word!


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