What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


A simply beautifully fearsome cover from Kev O’Neill welcomes us to issue 4 of Cinema Purgatorio and a very disturbing King Kong inspired story from Alan Moore and O’Neill.


In this strip Moore has Kong speaking the words of Willis O’Brien, the animator who brought Kong to life, and this creates a weirdly unsettling feeling. It’s a narrative that ends up playing out just as unsettlingly as Moore’s previous Cinema Purgatorio stories.


Next up in Garth Ennis’s Code Pru we find out more about our paranormal-Americans, or monsters as we’d know them. Turns out most of them are just like us when it comes to getting a little bit of help.


As for the Pokemon Go that’s never going to happen, Keiron Gillen’s Modded is vying with Moore’s dark stories of cinema in terms of my favourite strip here.


A More Perfect Union finally sees American civil wars soldiers and giant ants do battle at last.


Lastly, The Vast comes lumbering at the reader with more giant mutated monsters.

cinemapurgatorio21After four issues the stories are settling down. My favourites are Moore and O’Neill’s weird strips alongside Modded, with Code Pru coming up next. The other two strips are fine but I’ve grown to not be too bothered if they end, I’d be pissed off if we lost Moore and Gillen’s material, plus it’s always great to read new Garth Ennis. As we head into issue five things are looking good for hopefully a lengthy run of this wonderfully varied anthology title.

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