Comic Relief-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

Yesterday was the return of the Bristol Comics Expo. Last time it was held in 2014, it wasn’t something I spoke highly of, but this was a better run, smaller event albeit it was probably so small that if you blinked you’d miss it if you were there. Fortunately I attended with a couple of friends which meant we spent around six hours in the bar (strictly orange juice for me) talking about the grammar of comics, creators influences, the history of British comic conventions, Dez Skinn, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, the Suicide Squad, and lots and lots of stories which if I were to repeat them here would get me possibly sued. Some of these topics will turn up in blogs here or over at That’s Not Current. Stay tuned!

I also picked up some old Spirit magazines from when Kitchen Sink published Will Eisner’s creation. For only £1.50 each, so a bargain in a con where bargains were at a premium.

2016-08-07 12.43.59

A Joe Simon interview and a classic bit of Eisner on the cover!

2016-08-07 12.43.43

Just a brilliant, brilliant cover!

2016-08-07 12.43.30

Not only a gloriously evocative cover, but Eisner interviewing Harvey Kurtzman!

Of course what all this did was to make me feel normal after months of recovering and being treated for my stroke and my cancer. Yes, I was in bed by 9.30pm after a bit on an Olympics binge, but it was a good day which points to hopefully a slow return to life as normal once all of this cancer business is (hopefully) out the way and I’ve recovered more from the stroke.

I forget that all of what’s happened to me with the stroke, the cancer, the waiting to find out what type of cancer it is, the HUGE operation, the radiotherapy, everything, has happened in less than six months. It’s astonishing how one adjusts so readily to a new reality, mainly because if you don’t, you go mad and get crushed by the weight of it all so yesterday was a productive day. Today though is about slobbing out on the couch reading those old Spirit magazines, hoping Leicester beat Manchester United and slipping back into normality..

4 thoughts on “Comic Relief-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

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