Bristol MP thinks popular internet meme ”Get in the Sea” is a threat to kill

This is the Twitter account for Get in the Sea, a humorous account where various people and things who deserve to be told to get in the sea are told so in amusing, often sweary detail. Well, as much detail as you can get in 140 characters. The account has spawned a book which advertises itself as such:

The Sea – cold, wet, and unforgiving.

The perfect place to dump shit products, moronic people, and crap pop culture.

Man buns? Get in the sea.

Glitter beards? In you go.

Cereal cafes? SEA.

And how about manspreading, ant gin, water sommeliers, real people playing Quidditch, dating apps, Bluetooth gloves, and Shoreditch? Then there’s waterproof suits, juicing, early Christmas, dog yoga, Nando’s, drones, and Gregg Wallace? Fuck. It’s never ending.

Something must be done.

Buy this book. Or you know what you can do. . .

It’s a satire on modern life and the phrase ‘get in the sea’ is either one of those phrases you’ll recognise if you use the internet often enough, or is so odd you’d Google before making a leap to condemn, or so you’d like to think.

Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire did a third option which is to leap to assume the phrase really means ‘I will come and drown you. You’d think in the current insane climate Debbonaire or her people would double check that an odd sounding phrase isn’t what it means, but they didn’t. This has meant that a Bristol University student is being investigated for ‘threatening to drown her’, which if you were going to kill someone threatening to drown them would be the most shite way possible to threaten them.

Yeah, I’m going to come round your house, fill up your bath, and then drown you!! Oh what, you’ve only got a shower! Bugger. Fancy meeting at the local swimming baths?

It is, frankly, insane. Yes, throwing around terms like ‘traitors’ is out of line, but telling someone to ‘get in the sea’ isn’t a threat to kill. You may not like it, you may be offended to be told to get in the sea with the likes of hair buns and cereal cafes, but you’re a public figure. Taking the odd bit of flak comes with the territory, especially if you were elected on a platform of helping the most vulnerable in areas like Lawrence Hill, the most deprived ward in Bristol, and all you’re now doing is running around fighting your own leader not to mention a big chunk of your own constituents.MP’s shouldn’t take death threats or the abuse Debbonaire’s taken due to her cancer, but this is neither. This is taking the piss and if you’re an MP and can’t deal with that then perhaps this isn’t the job for you.

I’m one of her constituents for the time being til I’m well enough to move back to Glasgow. I voted and campaigned for the Greens last year who came within 5k or so votes of taking Bristol West. With things like this I wish the Green candidate Darren Hall had won because the people of Bristol West wouldn’t now have an MP involved with this ludicrous overreaction, or be involved in Labour’s even more ludicrous, not to mention undemocratic civil war and the right of the party look to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Though as you can imagine, she received the ultimate accolade from one particular Twitter account…



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