House of Pain-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

I’ve got this terrible pain in all the diodes down one side.


In the whole business with my cancer treatment, my stroke recovery was bumped back and forth like one of Andy Murray’s tennis balls but I’ve been doing some physio not to mention a fair bit of exercise to build up my right side which suffered the numbness after my stroke.

In the past few weeks I’ve noticed a pain not just in my back but in my right leg, specifically at the back of my right thigh. Last Friday it was agony, Saturday was excruciating. Sunday saw me call 111 even though it actually felt much better, it was still sore enough to making walking a troublesome chore. The result of this is that physio has been put on hold, I’m seeing the doctor on Wednesday and they think I’ve overdone things to the extent where I’ve let my fatigue get the best of my body.


I’m also back on the codeine to help with the pain in my thigh which was so back this morning it took me an hour to muster enough strength to get out of bed, so no work for me today. I’m also glad to say there’s no fun side effects from the codeine as there was last time I took it three months ago.

So today is being a bit spaced out thanks to the codeine, sitting on the couch chilling out and watching some terrible films so I can write scathing reviews for That’s Not Current, where most of the reviews that used to live here on my blog now live. I’m especially chuffed with having written a review of Time Bandits while high as a kite on painkillers yesterday.

I’m hoping things are just needing to be tweaked. 111 wasn’t worried enough to send me to the BRI, which this morning was a real possibility before they decided not to. Till then it’s crap films and amazing drugs…

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