What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #22


The huge fight that kicked off last issue escalates as more of the Panethon realise just how much of a baddy Annake actually is.


Which leads into the battle getting bigger, and indeed, allows Gillen and McKelvie the chance to rip the piss out of supervillian dialogue.


The last couple of issues has allowed the creative team to play with the superhero fight, which gives McKelvie the chance to draw these characters in superheroic poses ready for battle.


Eventually we get the Pantheon versus Annake fight that’s been getting teased for nearly a year now.


I was considering that after this there’d not be much left to do with this comic as after all, the pantheon would likely defeat Annake, save the day and we’d have an ending yet that sort of happens although there’s much, much more to come as the ending here leaves Gillen and McKelvie with much left to tell.

But we’ll have to wait a few months. Next month is a one-shot set in 1931 and the series itself returns in November, then we’ll see how our cast cope with their actions in this issue.

1 thought on “What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #22

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